As a Dermalogica Skincare Center, we believe that proper skin care is a daily necessity, and should become 2nd nature to you, just like brushing your teeth! Dermologica have spent over 30 years developing, products, education programmes and treatments to help you to achieve your optimum skin health. Through our Skincare Center and our customised skin health prescription for your skin, you will get real treatments, real answers, real products and most importantly real results!

Your appointment with us will begin with a complimentary face mapping® and detailed skin consultation. This is a revolutionary new approach to skin analysis that has been developed exclusively for Dermalogica, allowing us to find out exactly what is happening with your skin and will form the basis of your treatment and recommendations for home care advice. No two face mappings are the same, therefore you really will get a treatment that is customised to your personal skin needs, it will be your own facial routine, created especially for your skins needs right on the spot!