Endocare® Tensage Concentrate 10 x 2ml




Endocare® Tensage Concentrate 10 x 2ml

  • 30 day skin boost
  • High intensity growth factors
  • Firming peptides
  • 10 x 2ml ampoules

A 30-day, maximum intensity growth factor booster for intensive skin rejuvenation and brightening.

Endocare Tensage Concentrate Serum has the highest level of SCA BioRepair growth factors that stimulate natural production of new collagen and elastin to help reduce lines and wrinkles. This high-intensity boost is backed up with a powerful blend of brightening and hydrating ingredients. Clients will notice an improvement in lines, wrinkles, luminosity.

Key Ingredients

  • SCA® BioRepair Technology – advanced growth factors that promote collagen production
  • Tensderm – firming and lifting peptide complex
  • Hydrating complex – immediate and long-lasting intense hydration
  • Albatin, alistin and natriquest to boost skin brightening

How To Use

When you’re ready for your boost, simply apply the serum to cleansed skin every evening for 30 days – one ampoule will last for three days.

Repeat the boost at least every three months.